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IBiquity Suggests Software Update

Without latest transmission software update, one car receiver model may have trouble locking into HD signal

In a service bulletin aimed at radio engineers, IBiquity Digital urges technical personnel to update either their HD Radio exporter configuration or their transmission software.

That’s because some car receivers made by a manufacturer unnamed by iBiquity can have a harder time locking onto the HD signal unless all three SIS message fields are populated. The Station Slogan Standard, Station Slogan Universal and Station Message fields need to be populated with at least one character or a space for each in the exporter set-up, according to Broadcast Electronics in a bulletin for its XPI 10esp.

IBiquity notes that the 4.4.7 HD Radio transmission software update solves the issue and directs stations to their transmitter manufacturer’s websites for the update. “Please be aware that you should also update the importer and exgine software at the same time,” notes iBiquity.

Stations using the 4.4.7 software don’t need to make a change.

Nautel tells its customers the issue is addressed in Nautel Exporter Plus SW Rel 1.6.1 and later. Exporter Plus customers running Rel 1.6.1 or later are unaffected by this issue. For other customers, Nautel recommends the workaround mentioned above.