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Ice Gives Radio Stations a Winter Coat

Dave Abdoo shares transmitter site pix from last week's weather

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WHRL Main Antenna
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WHRL Auxiliary Antenna
Ice? Yeah we got ice.

Engineer David Abdoo of Clear Channel in Albany, N.Y., shares photos after some nasty winter weather came through a week or so ago. He lost power at seven of his eight sites at various times.

Shown are photos from the transmitter site of WHRL(FM), 103.1, in North Greenbush.

“Every site that I visited looked similar,” Dave tells RW. “All my sites except one were subjected to power outages, some a few hours, some a day or more. Fortunately none went longer than that, though I know there were still customers who still didn’t have power restored Wednesday.”

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WHRL Guy Wire
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WHRL Crab Apples