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In the Aftermath of NPR’s Technical Cuts

Rehm says NPR West remains a part of the network's future

Despite cuts announced last week at NPR, the NPR West Facility in Culver City, Calif., remains open.

NPR West is a vital part of the network’s back-up recovery plan in the event of a disaster, according to Dana Davis Rehm, the network’s senior vice president of strategy and partnerships. Rehm said NPR West remains a part of the network’s future.

NPR West took the bulk of the 64 overall cuts, and of the six total engineering positions involved; but NPR Labs also lost one full-time position, from four to three. (It also has a somewhat fluid number of temporary, contract and part-time positions since its work is highly grant-dependent.)

Rehm did tell me the network had to balance its needs for the present vs. those in the future when considering the cuts.

Read more in an upcoming issue of Radio World. Write to me about how economic factors and budget cuts have affected you, if at all; email [email protected].

The blog of NPR Ombudsman Alicia Shepard also makes for good reading on this topic.