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In This Season of Lights, Outage on Tower Gets FCC Attention

Agency says that Blow Up’s tower in Hawaii needs to be fixed and an explanation provided

The owner of an antenna structure in paradise is feeling the heat after the Federal Communications Commission warned it is apparently in violation of FCC rules.

The FCC issued a Notice of Violation to Blow Up LLC, the owner of antenna structure number 1213943 in Honolulu, Hawaii, after it was found that a light on the antenna structure was out of order.

Blow Up LLC is licensee to two AM stations — KHKA and KKEA — both Class B sports talk format stations in Honolulu.

After inspecting an antenna structure near the Kapalama Canal in downtown Honolulu, an agent in the Enforcement Bureau’s Honolulu Office noticed that the antenna structure was out of compliance. That antenna is required to have both a flashing beacon at the top and at least two steady-burning lights at midway down the structure. At the time of the November 2017 inspection, the agent noted that one of those required steady-burning lights was not working.

The next steps in a situation like this: Blow Up must write to the FCC within the next 20 days to explain how the apparent violation happened, what specific actions will be taken to ensure the violation does not occur again, and provide a detailed timeline for when the lights will be replaced.

In its Notice of Violation, the FCC also warned Blow Up that further enforcement action might be on the way, including issuing a fine, if certain steps are not taken.