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Indecency Complaints Rise After Attacks

Indecency Complaints Rise After Attacks

While the FCC received six indecency complaints in August, the number rose to 24 in September, according to a report released by the FCC’s Consumer Information Bureau. The FCC said in October that figure included “consumer concerns about inappropriate comments made (during the) Howard Stern Show after the terrorist attacks.” Some WXRK(FM), New York listeners claimed they heard one member of the show propose that New York City prostitutes should provide complimentary sexual favors to city firefighters.
“We are well aware, of course, that many of the complaints we receive do not involve violations of FCC rules and the existence of a complaint does not necessarily indicate any wrongdoing by the company involved,” said CIB Chief Dane Snowden.
The report also notes the number of inquiries about LPFM dropped from 298 in August to 171 in September.
The CIB report will be released quarterly, and is expected to alert the commission to potential problems that may require further consumer education or policy changes.