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Inovonics 261 Is Stereo Utility Processor

Inovonics 261 Is Stereo Utility Processor

Inovonics is promoting the Model 261 all-digital stereo utility processor, described as an economical and unobtrusive means of normalizing and controlling audio levels in an all-digital or mixed-signal plant.
The unit has gated, gain-riding AGC, program dynamic range compression and final peak control. It can be configured quickly to incorporate a single basic function independently, or to utilize all processing options for comprehensive program audio control.
Also shown at the spring NAB was the Model 264 Quad Leveler for loudness normalization. This hosts four separate and independent channels of analog audio gain control. They can be used separately for mic leveling or other monaural uses. They can also be linked selectively for dual-stereo or split mono/stere program control.