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Iowa DOT Radio System Uses Barix

IP audio system monitors traffic broadcasts

The Iowa Department of Transportation is using a Barix audio over IP system to monitor traffic updates broadcast to commuters.

Barix says the Iowa DOT operates its “Highway Advisor Radio” information channel using eight low-power AM and FM transmitters.

“A Barix Instreamer 100 encoder is connected to a radio receiver at each remote broadcast location to capture the on-air signal and stream it over the DOT’s internal network,” Barix stated.

“Iowa DOT employees can access the streams using their PCs to confirm that the broadcasts are going out over the air and commuters are receiving the broadcasts with clarity.”

Barix reseller DataNab configured the service and developed a Web page to allow DOT employees to listen to the broadcasts.

“Employees can access any of the eight Instreamers by simply clicking on a link that triggers an embedded media player to pull the feed from the specified Instreamer. The feed is then played out in real time over the speakers of the employee’s workstation.” If the DOT decides to offer public access later, the system can be upgraded to provide the network audio streams to commuters.