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IPAWS Plans November Regional NPT Test

Planners are looking to test in states in the southwest and upper central U.S.

Plans are in the works for another regional NPT test beyond the one set for September.

In a webinar this week about the Sept. 16 New England regional National Periodic Test, IPAWS National Test Technical Lead Al Kenyon announced that the organization is planning the next regional test and that it is expected to take place in November.

IPAWS is looking to test in states in the southwest and upper central U.S., though Kenyon says specific states are not confirmed. It’s expected to be in the third week of November, the exact date not yet set.

According to Kenyon, FEMA is considering coordinating that test with an International Association of Emergency Managers conference in Clark County, Nev., perhaps even originating the test from the exhibit hall floor.

“We hope to demonstrate the ability to target geographically separate regions with a single message via IPAWS,” said Kenyon.

NPT is part of the Emergency Alert System and stands for “National” Periodic Test, but this series of tests is regional, part of FEMA’s preparation for an eventual, second truly national test.