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IRN Seeks U.S. Radio Clients

IRN Seeks U.S. Radio Clients

With Americans riveted by world events, this seems a particularly good time for a news organization out of the United Kingdom to offer its audio services to U.S. stations. Independent Radio News is touting IRN Newsweb, which lets newsrooms access its audio via the Internet and download it in broadcast quality. It promotes its style as crisper and more upbeat than that of the BBC. IRN has 50 journalists in London and uses reporters globally. Coverage of the Iraq War is through shared resources with Independent Television News.
IRN has been around since 1973. The Web service was launched last year and now is being offered in the United States and Asia. The audio is of MP2 quality and contains no IRN references. Material includes world and national news, sports, finance and features.
The company says at least 100 independent pieces of audio are available daily and can be purchased monthly or pay-as-you-go. Info: