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Jack Moseley Passes Away

STL equipment pioneer sold company in 1977

The “Moseley” of Moseley Associates/Moseley Broadcast has passed away.

John Moseley, better known as Jack, passed away Aug. 2, at home after a battle with Alzheimer’s disease. He was 91

After returning home from World War II he earned a he earned a BE in electrical engineering and an MS in physics from the University of Southern California. He worked in the burgeoning post-World War II tech boom at companies like Raytheon and Lear.

In 1959 Moseley founded Moseley Associates Inc. in his garage. It focused on the research and development of remote control equipment for the radio and TV industries. According to an obituary, “He was the first to develop a wireless audio link between radio stations and their mountaintop transmitters with one of the first being used by Santa Barbara station KTMS.”

The company grew over the next few decades as the broadcast industry expanded. He sold the company in 1977 to Flow-General and walked from broadcast electronics.

A more complete obituary can be found here.