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June 8 Is World IPv6 Day

As Internet addresses run out, event stimulates attention to new address protocol

It seems we’re running out of everything these days: crude oil, fresh water, Internet addresses …

Since 1981, the Internet has worked primarily on an addressing system called IPv4, which is a 32-bit integer written in dotted decimal notation. For instance, Radio World’s IP address is Unfortunately, IPv4 addresses increasingly are in short supply as every website, Internet-enabled computer and mobile device across the world uses one.

This is a long-anticipated problem, so the Internet Engineering Task Force has been developing the IPv6 address protocol and is now working to spread the word on its adoption.

To help deal with this, major Internet figures, including Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Limelight Networks, are hosting their content over the new IPv6 address protocol on June 8th. Called “World IPv6 Day,” the 24-hour event is designed to motivate organizations everywhere to begin transitioning to IPv6 for a smooth transfer before IPv4 addresses run out.

The Internet Society website has information for those who want to do their part, most notably Internet service providers, hardware makers, operating system vendors and web companies.

— Brian Smith