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Jungala Radio Provides Outlet for Refugees

Digital platform is run by refugees in Calais, France

As the refugees in the shantytown known as the “Jungle” in Calais, France, await asylum in the United Kingdom or France, many are finding creative outlets to not only share their experience, but further educate themselves. One example of this is the creation of Jungala Radio, the camp’s very own radio station run completely by the refugees.

Launching on New Year’s Day on Facebook and Soundcloud, Jungala radio is building a team of producers and journalists from the camp community. A young Syrian named Hashemi, 20, told World Bulletin about why he has decided to take part in the radio station: “I’m trying to find the voice and the feelings of the refugees. I want to share what is happening here with the world.” Another young contributor is 15-year-old Brwa Kaiwan, an Iraqi Kurd who does interviews for the station.

Ciaran Henry, a 22-year-old British media graduate who helped launch Jungala Radio, explained that their role is to offer tech support and constructive criticism, so that people living there can take ownership and control of the station.

For people like Hashemi, the station is helping to open doors. “I never thought of doing radio in my life, but now I hope to do more,” Hashemi said. “I’m just trying to be the best that I can.”