Kahn Pushes New AM Digital Technology

Kahn Pushes New AM Digital Technology
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AM Stereo proponent Leonard Kahn says he has developed a new technology that will restore AM to 15 kHz by using digital processing. "The system, Compatible AM Digital (Cam-D), unlike the pending proposal now before the FCC, will not increase adjacent or co-channel interference," he said in a statement. He said it could operate day or night and some Midwestern stations have agreed to test the system, based on a number of Kahn's patents. He stated his system would perform with a station's existing transmitter and antenna. Engineers queried about the system said the description was vague and lacked technical details.


Kahn Coy on Cam-D Details

Leonard Kahn says 10 broadcasters have agreed to test his Compatible AM Digital technology, and he expects those stations to begin field tests by the end of the year.