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Karnaval To Display BBC Turkçe Content

Spectrum Medya, BBC World Service reach syndication agreement

The BBC Turkçe website’s content is now available on radio aggregator BBC World Service and proprietor Spectrum Medya recently reached a syndication agreement. users will now see news and features from displayed on the News section, and the videos are placed on the main page alongside headlines and images from The site will also display the BBC Turkçe ticker.

“This collaboration between BBC World Service and Spectrum Medya is part of BBC Turkçe’s strategy to further boost digital presence in Turkey, reflecting both the boom in digital platforms Turkey is experiencing and the changing landscape in traditional media especially where news is concerned,” said Frederick Durman, head of business development for Europe and Latin America, BBC Global News.

“BBC Turkçe provides our audiences with access to hard-hitting, international journalism of the highest calibre on domestic, international and lifestyle news topics,” said Karnaval CEO Ali A. Abhary.