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KDDD Fined $8,000 for EAS Violations

FCC says EAS gear can transmit, but not receive alerts

The FCC fined PBI, licensee of KDDD(AM/FM), Dumas, Texas $8,000 for failing to maintain operational EAS equipment and for failing to keep records indicating why EAS tests were not received.

During an inspection of the collocated main studio for both stations in 2011, Enforcement Bureau agents from the Dallas office saw that the EAS equipment could transmit an EAS message, but could not receive one.

After a failed demonstration of the equipment’s ability to receive any monitoring source, the PBI owner told the agents there was a problem with the antenna.

The last EAS test was received on Oct. 30, 2008, and there were no entries or explanations in the EAS logs for any missing received tests, said the FCC in its decision.

PBI has 30 days to appeal of pay the fine and must also submit a statement within that time saying that the EAS equipment is working.