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Keeping Electronics Simple

Book looks to provide a solid background in electronics practice and theory

The always useful Hal Leonard Books has released “Electronics Concepts, Labs, and Projects,” by Alden Hackmann.

The publisher says, “It includes essential theory relating to electronics principles specific to the audio world, as well as practical lessons on soldering, how to use a digital multimeter for testing audio gear and cables, and how to use an oscilloscope and function generator to diagnose circuits. Also included are descriptions of the components found in electronic circuits and how they work.”

However, the book is designed less for the experienced engineer but to be more of a tool for an audio professional, “Hackmann uses a bare minimum of math to demonstrate practical concepts, plus every chapter includes a hands-on lab to reinforce that chapter’s concepts.” Key is teaching to solder. The book covers topics such as voltage, current, resistance, and power, and their relationship. Resistors, capacitors, diodes, batteries, switches, LEDs, transformers, diodes, transistors, inductors, tubes and cables are examined.

Hackmann himself says, “This book will be extremely helpful when troubleshooting gear, such as bad cables, faulty microphones, malfunctioning preamps, consoles with bad power supplies, speakers with intermittent output, and other issues.”

Hackmann is an instructor at the Art Institute of Seattle, teaching electronics, recording and other audio classes. He is an expert and builder of the hurdy-gurdy.

There is an accompanying DVD-ROM with lectures and supporting materials. Price: $39.99