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Kenwood, Audiovox to Ship Sirius Portable Radios

Kenwood, Audiovox to Ship Sirius Portable Radios

Sirius portable radios are due in June from Kenwood and Audiovox. The Kenwood Here2Anywhere and Audiovox S.R.S. Satellite Radio Shuttle enable listeners to use their Sirius radios at home, in the car or elsewhere. The radios are sold with docking kits for the home and car.
Kenwood says its Here2Anywhere connects with a car, home, personal computer or marine audio system. Listeners can see what’s playing on other streams by song title or artist name before selecting a stream. The radio has a memory and recall feature that will allow the listener to capture 24 song titles and associated artist names while listening. The next time the listener uses the radio, it will allow the user to call up those song titles or artist names by touching a button. The Here2Anywhere lists at $99.95. Each car or home docking kit retails at about $70.
The Audiovox S.R.S. Satellite Radio Shuttle is a transportable unit. The SIR-CK1 Car Kit has an FM transmitter with four frequency adjustments incorporated into the docking station for a wireless connection to most vehicle radios.
The SIR-PNP1 Receiver unit has S-Seek, which allows users to capture 10 favorite songs in the unit. The radio searches incoming Sirius streams and prompts the listener when one of these songs is playing. The S.R.S. lists at $99.95 and the car and home docking kits will retail for roughly $70 to $90.