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Klotz Debuts Mic Mixer for Roundtable Formats

Klotz Debuts Mic Mixer for Roundtable Formats

Klotz Digital released its MI[C]XER, a software-based mixer aimed at news and talk formats and stations airing roundtable programs.
Forty mono or stereo line-level inputs or mic channels can be mixed. Each provides a level meter and adjustment to parameters like pre-gain, threshold, attenuation or attack and release-time. Equalizers and dynamics can be inserted in any signal path.
MI[C]XER allows the user to determine a mic that always has overall priority. Mics temporarily not in use or beyond a predetermined number of open mics are muted to avoid too many participants speaking simultaneously, and to eliminate noise from open channels.
The company says audio quality and intelligibility during multi-microphone recording are enhanced, particularly under difficult room acoustic conditions. The group of mics is operated via a fader of the mixing console. MI[C]XER is controlled and set up by a software GUI, which also enables to remote control via LAN or modem any single microphone.
MI[C]XER can be used as standalone or in connection with the company’s VADIS system.