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KPBS to Flip 97.7 From Spanish to Non-Com

KPBS to Flip 97.7 From Spanish to Non-Com

Starting Monday, residents in the Imperial Valley of San Diego will be able to tune in to KPBS(FM) San Diego on 97.7 MHz. Station officials say this marks the first English Language public radio service available to residents in Imperial Valley.
KPBS and Hanson Broadcasting have signed an agreement to transfer the FCC license to San Diego State University, which also owns KPBS’ license.
In the meantime, the two stations have signed a programming agreement to broadcast KPBS programming on 97.7 FM in Calexico. That programming agreement takes effect Monday, Nov. 22, and will allow KPBS to immediately begin broadcasting across the Imperial Valley.
97.7 FM has been operating as a Spanish language Top 40 commercial station. KPBS will operate the station as a non-commercial public radio station. 97.7 FM is based in Calexico on the Mexican border about 114 miles east of San Diego and 61 miles west of Yuma, Arizona. The station’s signal
extends south into Mexico and north up to Brawley.
“This was one of the largest areas in the country that did not have any National Public Radio or Public Radio International service. We are thrilled to be changing that.” said KPBS GM Doug Myrland.
Public Radio Capital represented KPBS in its negotiations and purchase of 97.7 from Hanson Broadcasting.