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Kraze Is Crazy About AdsWizz

User report: Canadian broadcaster finds ad insertion and replacement to be simple

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RED DEER, Alberta — In 2011, those of us at Kraze 101.3, a contemporary radio station owned by L.A. Radio Group, were searching for a technology solution that would help increase and attract advertising interest from local businesses. We wanted to find a partner who could help us hyper-target audiences specifically residing near where our station is based.

In order to achieve this goal, we selected the AdsWizz Digital Audio Solutions, a technology platform that allows us to insert ads directly into each individual end-user’s Internet stream to ensure our ads address every listener’s interests.

One of the key benefits of working with AdsWizz is that their technology enables us to seamlessly take advantage of ad replacement revenue potential. In real-time, through the Targeted Ad Insertion feature built into AdsWizz Digital Audio Solutions,over-the-air ads are quickly and seamlessly replaced by local business advertisements and streamed on the Internet to end-listeners through the StreamOn content delivery network that we use.

AdsWizz’s technology tools locate the right audiences based on their gender, demographic and current location. As a result, whether they’re a restaurant or car dealership, our advertisers can rest assured that their ads are delivered to the right audience.


We also appreciate that the platform allows us to serve different ad formats: video, audio, display and even a combination of all three. In addition, we can offer advertisers pre-roll and mid-roll capabilities and the ability to stream ads to almost any device, includingiOS and Android.

The technology also runs on top of prevalent streaming servers including Icecast, Shoutcast, Wowza and Adobe Flash Media Server, and it supports popular audio encoding formats such as MP3, AAC/AAC+ and Ogg.

We have also taken advantage of AdsWizz’s Advertising Analytics capabilities, which have leveled the playing field for us by giving a clear, holistic view of our listener-base. AdsWizz’s real-time analytics reporting tools enable us to immediately analyze the audience response.

This is an incredible competitive advantage for us over other local stations when it comes to attracting advertisers. It guarantees they will be able to keep a pulse on how their campaigns are doing and whether there need to be any changes in their campaigns to make them more successful.

Our advertisers immediately learn what their ROI is for each station from their ad dollars they spend with us. Our advertisers are happy with what they are finding out.

AdsWizz’s technology has been a great tool in attracting advertisers in different verticals, especially in the auto and home-building markets. Those that advertise with us are seeing their revenue increase with ad dollars they invest with Kraze.

Bottom line, if you are looking to monetize your radio streams through digital advertising, we suggest integrating AdsWizz Digital Audio Solutions into your business model.

For information, contact Alexis van de Wyer at AdsWizz in California at [email protected] or visit

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