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KUVO Airs Pledge Drive in Surround Sound

KUVO Airs Pledge Drive in Surround Sound

It’s one thing to air a concert in surround sound, but a pledge drive?
That’s what Denver’s KUVO(FM) did when it broadcast its spring drive in 5.1 surround sound.
“When your listeners know that their donated dollars are actually impacting their listening experience while making history, this translates to a positive experience for our donors: which is good thing,” stated Mike Pappas, chief engineer for KUVO.
“Our listeners are very motivated and their contributions help us to continue our transition to HD Radio.”
Pappas and KUVO have been an early, active proponent of surround; in addition to airing a concert in surround last fall, the station was part of the New Year’s Eve “Toast of the Nation” broadcast on NPR.
During the recent nine-day pledge drive, Pappas and his engineering staff used a NeuStar 5225 Mix-Edit Transcoder to create 5.1 surround sound for their digital broadcasts. The company says the transcoder enables broadcasters to mix, edit, save and transport 5.1 content via Neural’s proprietary “watermarking” system on existing 2.0 stereo equipment.