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Syndicate of Sounds Introduces Déjà Vu Upmixer SDK

It helps manufacturers produce artifact-free virtual surround mixes from stereo sources

Audio technology company Syndicate of Sounds has released a Déjà Vu Upmixer Software Development Kit.

The tool “is designed to empower manufacturers and integrators to transform stereo music into immersive audio experiences without the need to reversion or remix,” according to the company.

Déjà Vu promises immersive 5.1 surround sound audio from any stereo or two-channel audio track. It is intended for use in broadcast audio, commercial AV and consumer AV applications.

“For example, broadcast content is still mostly in stereo,” the company states. “Déjà Vu offers broadcasters a convenient and cost-effective way to always to deliver surround sound over the air. Museums can dynamically upmix stereo content to 5.1 for interactive art exhibits for a more all-encompassing audio experience. Live venues can stream performances for playback on a surround-sound audio system or via surround-sound headphones.”

Déjà Vu upmixing is available for OEM licensing for third-party products and can be integrated with existing play-out servers, while file-based workflows offer flexibility for music and video content.

Syndicate of Sounds was launched by Frank Foti

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