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Kuwait: KBS Upgrades With Calrec

Broadcaster revamps its radio studios with Omega audio consoles

Public-service broadcaster Kuwait Broadcast Services (KBS) has updated its radio studios with two Calrec digital audio consoles in its Kuwait City facility.

The broadcaster added a Calrec Omega console to Studio 8, which is dedicated to sports programming, and one to studio 11, which broadcasts classical music programming. Italian integrator ARET Video and Audio Engineering and Kuwait Cable Vision provided the consoles, workflow customization, training, and support after a government-issued public tender process, says Calrec.

According to the firm, each of KBS’ Omega consoles contains 24 faders in a 40-fader frame to allow for future expansion. The consoles can process up to 160 channels each with Calrec’s Bluefin high-density digital signal processing technology.

The Omega consoles satisfied KBS’ requirement for a flexible, turnkey audio solution that could be customized to fit its specific workflow, with dedicated aftermarket support and training, says Calrec.