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Lack of EAS Gear Nails LPFM

FCC proposes $10,000 fine for KCYP(LP)

The licensee of a low-power FM in Mission, Texas may be on the hook for a $10,000 fine for not installing and maintaining EAS equipment.

Intercity Christian Youth Program, Inc. is the licensee for KCYP(LP).

Responding to a complaint, agents from the Enforcement Bureau’s Houston office inspected the station in March. The station manager told the agents the station had operated without EAS gear since the facility went on the air in 2007.

KCYP also had no EAS logs to document that the facility had ever had such gear installed or that it had ever conducted the required weekly or monthly EAS tests, according to the agency.

Every broadcast station is part of the nationwide EAS network and is categorized as a participating national EAS source, according to the commission. That means all stations must ensure their EAS encoders/decoders are installed and working.

The base fine for not having operational EAS gear is $8,000. The commission tacked on another $2,000 because it appears the station has not had working EAS gear for five years.

KCYP must provide a sworn statement to the Houston office of the Enforcement Bureau within 30 days certifying that it has had EAS equipment installed.

The station also has 30 days to appeal or pay the fine.