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Layoffs at Harris Broadcast Communications Division

Company stresses Quincy plant to remain open

Up to 17 people have been laid off from Harris Broadcast Communications Division.

Many of those affected worked in Quincy, Ill. Harris isn’t commenting on the exact number or positions of those who are no longer with the company.

We recently reported that overall Harris revenue in the first quarter of the new fiscal year was down 6% over last year, and down 13% from the last quarter.

The Broadcast Communications Division is up for sale and is now marked as a discontinued operation as Harris reports its earnings each quarter.

Harris spokesman Brian Galante told Radio World the layoffs are unrelated to the divestiture and characterized the action as a small strategic reorganization across the various business units. He stressed the Quincy plant is remaining open and Harris recently received two new contracts for radio and television digital transmitters that will keep the Quincy plant employees busy.

We were unable to get a figure on how many employees are in the Broadcast Division at press time.