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LDR: Users Listen Longer

Company releases results saying its station clients engage listeners when using LDR ‘crowdcasting’

A company that says it gives listeners control of radio stations through Web participation has released 2011 results from stations using its platform.

Listener Driven Radio, headed by Daniel Anstandig, claims it can raise a station’s ratings, revenue and Web traffic. It says the average LDR listener stays and votes for 23 minutes during an “LDR.Takeover” hour or show and returns to stations using LDR.Takeover 2+ times per week.

Using the Listener Driven Radio platform, listeners can vote and control which songs play in real-time, sign up for alerts when their favorite songs play and share their favorite songs on Facebook. Anstandig says stations using this platform engage their listeners. The company describes the approach as crowdcasting

Some 125 radio stations, networks and broadcast groups use LDR’s software.

On average, LDR sends 4,268 tweets per month on behalf of stations. In 2011, listeners also shared their songs on Facebook 75% more than they did in 2010, according to the company.