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Lightner to Service Auditronics Boards

Lightner to Service Auditronics Boards

Users of original Auditronics consoles, take note:
Lightner Electronics in Pennsylvania has purchased service rights and all remaining spare parts for Auditronics console models manufactured at the original Auditronics plant in Memphis, Tenn.
“We are working with many of the original parts manufacturers to arrange for additional custom runs of switches, pots and other components for most of these consoles,” the company’s Matt Lightner stated.
“Lightner Electronics has also acquired all the original factory test and calibration equipment, allowing us to diagnose, repair and restore most Auditronics consoles back to factory specifications.”
The company’s Dwayne Rosko, who has experience in repairing and refurbishing pro audio equipment, will be the primary contact person for parts and service.
Wheatstone had acquired the name and assets of Auditronics several years ago. Lightner said Wheatstone will continue to support the 2500, 2600, 220 and ALM models manufactured at the Wheatstone plant.
For information call Lightner Electronics at (814) 239-8323 or visit