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Los Angeles ‘Amp Radio’ Migrates from HD2

Multicast graduates to prime time top 40 battle

It’s a case where an HD2 format becomes a main HD Radio station format.

CBS Radio’s “97.1 AMP Radio” has launched in Los Angeles. The company has replaced its talk format on KLSX with the top 40 format.

AMP Radio debuted in February a year ago as an online entity and HD2 station on KCBS(FM).

It says the digital station combines its on-air position with myriad online and digital applications “creating a full 360 degree audio and visual experience for young adults.”

Complementing the station will be events and concerts, an online destination with blogs, music videos, widgets and so forth. Fans of the station can stay connected through instant messaging, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and other social networking sites, as well as wirelessly via texting, applications for the iPhone and some Blackberry devices.