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Manufacturers’ Group Says Suppliers Are Doing Well; Reaches Out to North American Companies

Manufacturers' Group Says Suppliers Are Doing Well; Reaches Out to North American Companies

Broadcast and media technology suppliers in North America and Europe are experiencing 40 percent year-on-year profit growth, according to a quarterly index published by the International Association of Broadcasting Manufacturers.
The organization represents broadcast and media technology suppliers and tracks business statistics of about 50 of them. It said European manufacturers reported better return on sales than their North American counterparts over the period.
Many companies on the IABM roster focus on television, but its membership also includes more familiar names for radio readers such as Broadcast Electronics, Dalet, Harris, Kintronic Labs, RFS and Yamaha.
The companies it tracked “represent more than $6 billion of sales over the last year,” the organization stated. “Companies based in North America account for 58 percent of this figure and companies registered in Europe 42 percent. … Whilst North American companies can claim a greater portion of global turnover, market profitability for European manufacturers is improving at a much higher rate year on year than their North American counterparts.”
The group said that overall the broadcast and media technology supply industry is experiencing a “healthy 14 percent year-on-year sales increase. Growth rates in North America and Europe appear to be converging, with the former’s growth rate one or two percentage points in the lead.”
The association meanwhile is expanding its efforts to sign up members. It has appointed Nigel Spratling as its North American representative; he is based near Philadelphia. He is president of Mavens Television Industry Consultants and is working for the IABM on a part-time basis. IABM says the appointment marks a first step in an expansion of its membership support efforts.