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Martin to ‘Involve’ Citizens in Crafting New Media Ownership Rules

Martin to 'Involve' Citizens in Crafting New Media Ownership Rules

At the first of six planned commission hearings to be held around the country on media ownership, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin said on Monday, “The goal of these hearings is to more fully and directly involve the American people in the process.”
“We are working to develop a record, with hearings like this one and through the written comment process, on which to base our decisions. It is important that the record be complete before we make any decisions about whether and how any of our rules should be revised.”
He said it’s fitting the first hearing was held in Los Angeles, the second-largest media market in the United States and the heart of the entertainment industry.
Here’s an account of the hearing from the Los Angeles Times.
Commissioner Michael Copps praised the chairman for holding the hearing, saying, “Three years ago, under Chairman Michael Powell, and over the objections of Commissioner Adelstein and me, the FCC severely cut back – some would say eviscerated – the rules meant to check Big Media’s seemingly endless appetite for more consolidation.”
Now the agency is “back at square one” on the issue, Copps added.
New Commissioner Robert McDowell said he is studying the issues with an open mind.