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Mayah Puts CT-aacPlus to Work

Mayah Puts CT-aacPlus to Work

Mayah Communications now is offering CT-aacPlus in its Centauri product family.
CT-aacPlus is a new technology in MPEG-4 audio from Swedish-German company Coding Technologies; it also made headlines recently when XM Satellite Radio and Digital Radio Mondiale each chose it as their coding scheme.
Mayah will present CT-aacPlus at bit rates of 24, 48 and 64 kilobits per second in its Centauri 3001 and StreamingServer 4001, and will consider using it in other new products, particularly those aimed at analog phone transmission.
CT-aacPlus is built on Advanced Audio Coding, or AAC. It claims a further 30 percent efficiency using Coding Technologies’ Spectral Band Replication technology.