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Meet the ‘Cool Stuff’ Winners: ENCO Systems Guardien Indecency System

Meet the 'Cool Stuff' Winners: ENCO Systems Guardien Indecency System

What if you could install an automatic system that monitored your >bleeeeeep< program material, and bleeped, muted or reversed specific offending words?
That’s what Guardien does. ENCO was already using speech-recognition technology for a TV captioning product; a few weeks before NAB, it realized it could turn this into an automated >bleeeeeep< removal device, and it was a definite buzz item at the show.
The system uses speaker-independent, neural network-based speech-recognition technology to monitor a program chain. It injects a short delay and identifies a set of indecent words or phrases that you define (cuss words, or your competitor’s call letters!), replacing them with mute, bleep or reverse audio; then it logs the >bleeeeeep< offending occurrence. Or it can log occurrences but take no action.
Guardien is meant to protect broadcasters from inadvertent >bleeeeeep< by announcers, guests or phone callers without the program disruption of a traditional delay dump. Speech recognition is necessarily imperfect and dependent on many factors; but the company expects a 95 percent or above successful rate.
(We like the name Guardien, although we note that the company also has a site called
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