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Megatrax Has New Music for Production

Megatrax Has New Music for Production

Megatrax has released 10 CDs from its line of production music libraries, which includes four Cinematic Trailer CDs from the company.
Featured are brass, orchestral and percussive themes, recorded with full orchestra and choir. Megatrax says the music is composed by Hollywood TV and film composers, and that full-length versions, alternate mixes and 30-second cutdowns are available.
The release of four Urgent Grooves CDs from Amusicom features cuts of “pulse-pounding” music designed to intensify visuals. The music ranges in genre from industrial techno rock to orchestral pieces.
Two new CDs from The Scene include Scoring Moods 1: Human Journeys, which offers a range of underscore, and BritPop CD. The latter has a contemporary piano and male vocal pop sound.