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Metro Areas Good Radio Targets

Metro Areas Good Radio Targets

Interep reports that the top ten metro areas have larger minority populations who have more disposable income and are more exposed to radio and the Internet than the national average.

The study, “Marketing Within the Nation’s Largest Metros,” notes that 61 percent of the metro population is in the 18 to 44 demographic, higher than the 55 percent national average. The metro population is also more likely to be single, rent a residence, live in an apartment instead of a home, have a college degree and have a professional/managerial job.

The metro population has significant purchasing power: close to a third of the nation’s $100,000-plus income households are in metro areas. Metro households also have a median income of $41,425, $4,200 higher than the U.S. median.

Consumers in the top ten metros listen to more radio, drive to work more often and use the Internet more, according to the study. Adults in the 18 to34, 18 to 39 and 25 to 54 demographics within these metros are more likely to be heavy radio listeners, magazine readers and Internet users than the rest of the country. The top three radio formats ranked on index are All News, Black/R&B and Spanish.