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Miller Is New Progressive Talk Host

Miller Is New Progressive Talk Host

Calling herself a “left-wing wacko,” comedian Stephanie Miller is on the air and seeking to exploit current interest in progressive talk.
Available for syndication is “The Stephanie Miller Show,” offered by Ron Hartenbaum’s new company WYD MediaManagement, and Democracy Radio. It is based in L.A. and airs 9 a.m. to noon ET.
Democracy Radio is a nonprofit production company that also puts out “The Ed Schultz Show,” which like Miller’s program is distributed by Jones Radio Networks.
Miller’s father William was on the Republican presidential ticket with Barry Goldwater in 1964. She hosts “I’ve Got a Secret” on cable television and has worked at KABC and KFI in Los Angeles among other stations, as well as pursuing standup comedy and other media work.
Amy Bolton of Jones Radio stated, “How long did programmers think AM radio would last if all it offered was the same conservative spin?”
Miller, in the company’s announcement, stated, “As talk radio has more and more become a sea of right-wing wackos, I think the audience has finally recognized the need to balance that with some good left-wing wackos.”