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Mitsubishi Models Feature HD Radio Audio, Traffic, Data

The 2014 Outlander and Lancer now at dealerships

Mitsubishi is the first automaker to market with vehicles that have integrated HD Radio audio, traffic and data services.

The 2014 Outlander and Lancer now at dealerships offer real-time traffic information delivered with an HD Radio signal integrated into its navigation system; the vehicles also include the expanded audio features of digital AM and FM, according to iBiquity Digital.

To consumers, the automaker and iBiquity are touting the HD Radio features as “subscription-free.”

As part of its large-screen infotainment technology, Mitsubishi’s HD Radio implementation features multicast channels and Program Service Data displaying song title, artist and album names.

Nokia’s “Here” traffic, weather and fuel price information is delivered to the vehicles radio or navigation system using the HD Radio signals of station members of the Broadcast Traffic Consortium.

Thirty-three automakers have publicly announced plans to incorporate HD Radio technology in a total of some 170 models by year-end. More than 80 models feature HD Radio as standard equipment.