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MMTC Says Updating Technical Rules Is Key to ‘Radio Rescue’

Seeks change in technical rules to open up ownership to minorities and women

Comments are now in to the Federal Communications Commission on the Minority Media Telecommunications Council “Radio Rescue Petition,” a list of 17 suggestions to overhaul radio technical rules that the group says are “antiquated and unnecessary” and that block new entrants from owning broadcast properties.

In public comments recently filed with the commission, MMTC Executive Director David Honig says the current economic situation is leaving minority station owners in particular “grasping for life support.”

The group believes its suggested changes would make it easier for women and minorities to buy their first stations.

MMTC supports the Broadcast Maximization Committee proposal to re-purpose analog TV Channels 5 and 6 and expand the NCE service, reallocate LPFMs and allow all interested AMs to migrate to 76 to 88 MHz.

MMTC also proposes the FCC eliminate nighttime coverage rules, give AMs more flexibility in tower siting, limit third-adjacent spacing, hold owners to 10 translators apiece and extend new station construction permits to three years.

We’ll have more on the proposal and comments this week in The Leslie Report.