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Mobile Devices Make up 7% of Digital Traffic

ComScore explores ‘digital omnivore’ trends

Digital marketing research firm comScore released a report on the prevalence of smartphones and tablets as choice devices for experiencing digital content.

“Digital Omnivores: How Tablets, Smartphones and Connected Devices Are Changing U.S. Digital Media Consumption Habits” looks at cross-platform consumption and the increasing number of devices doing the consuming, as well as the impact of these shifting habits among users.

The term “digital omnivore” refers to consumers who obtain their content via several platforms over the course of their lives.

According to Mark Donovan, comScore vice president of mobile, “In order to meet the needs of these consumers, advertisers and publishers must learn to navigate this new landscape so they develop cross-platform strategies to effectively engage their audiences.”

Key findings from the report include:

  • Non-computer traffic in the U.S. is 6.8% of total traffic
  • Approximately 37% of digital traffic came from a WiFi connection, a figure that is growing rapidly
  • Half of the total U.S. mobile population uses mobile media
  • Approximately half of tablet owners have made a purchase with their tablet
  • Additional traffic from smartphones and tablets account for significant increases in the cross-platform audience

The full report can be downloaded here.