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More Details About All-Industry Summit Emerge

More Details About All-Industry Summit Emerge

NAB’s answer to the brouhaha over indecency was to call for an all industry summit. Now details are available. The gathering is set for March 31 and all broadcasters are invited.
In a statement about the meeting, NAB said: “We seek the widest possible input on this very sensitive and important issue. We expect high-level participation from broadcasters large and small across the country, public policymakers (Members of Congress and the FCC), advocacy groups and network representatives.”
In order to encourage open and candid dialogue, the gathering is closed to news media although it’s “likely” there would be some sort of availability after the event, according to the trade group.
The event will be held at The Renaissance Hotel in Washington. Registrations are due by March 26. To register, click on “Conventions and Meetings” button on the NAB Web site. If questions, call (877) 999-9NAB.