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More Than One in Ten Listeners Drive a ‘Digital Dash’ Vehicle

“Radio’s ability to uniquely connect with consumers on their preferred platforms" augurs well for radio, says Jacobs

More than half of all respondents to Jacobs Media Techsurvey9 say that most of their radio listening takes place in cars. Now, more than one in ten (11%) drive a vehicle equipped with a “digital dash” system like Ford’s Sync, especially fans of country, news/talk and sports radio.

“Techsurvey9 shows that while gadgets and new media continue to occupy the headlines, radio’s ability to uniquely connect with consumers on their preferred platforms is the secret sauce for future success in the digital space,” says Jacobs Media President Fred Jacobs. 

Another key finding is that radio’s transition to digital listening continues. When asked to recall their last week’s listening to the station that sent them the survey, 14% of all respondents say they tuned in on computer and mobile streams, as well as other digital sources.

Pandora continues to be the most popular pure-play Internet option, outstripping its competitors. However a growing number of listeners now cite they’re unhappy with its commercials, according to the findings.

AM/FM still matters, says Jacobs Media. The “emotional triggers” from 2012’s Techsurvey8 study are intact: listening to radio at work, mood enhancement, escape and companionship. Consumers continue to demand radio in their new cars.

Techsurvey9 involved more than 78,000 respondents from a total of 264 stations.

Jacobs Media plans a series of webinars to discuss the findings. The first one is May 14 at 2 p.m. Eastern.