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Moroccan Radio Chooses Thomson Broadcast

Will supply SNRT with medium wave transmission system

French company Thomson Broadcast has announced that it was awarded a contract from the Moroccan government-run radio organization Société Nationale de Radiodiffusion et de Télévision for a new medium-wave radio transmission system. Thomson will deploy the Digital Radio Mondiale ready transmission S7HP neo system in Ait Melloul, in the south of Agadir.

Comprising two 400 kW transmitters, the system is fitted with dual exciter configuration for continuous signal availability, says Thomson. The S7HP also features an optical fiber control system, which promises “easier connection, ease of maintenance and improved environmental performance,” it adds.

Thomson will provide installation, commissioning, civil work and feeder refurbishment as well as antenna tuning. The company will also train SNRT teams on site.

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