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Moseley Debuts Digital RF Links

Moseley Debuts Digital RF Links

Moseley is in the market with not one but several new products this spring.
Maxlink is a new entry in the field of digital STLs, providing dual, full-duplex T1 capacity data links in a small configuration. Operating in the unlicensed U-NII or ISM bands (5 GHz), it uses a small (approximately 15″ square) antenna with integrated transceiver that connects to a separate T1 multiplexer via common Cat-5 cable. Combined with external audio and data equipment, it will handle two or more stereo audio channels and can provide connection of the studio computer network to the transmitter site.
The Maxlink is designed for line-of-sight links and operates over approximately 8 miles. List price: $8,250 for a complete link.
Also new is LANLINK 900, a wireless IP/Ethernet Local Area Network extender that can be operated over an existing 950 MHz band STL infrastructure. RF connections are made to the provided duplexer that accommodates both the existing STL equipment and the LANLINK 900. It uses FHSS technology for license-free operation in the 902-928 MHz band at a distance of up to 30 miles.
The LANLINK 900 is touted as a simple and inexpensive way for stations that currently use a 950 MHz STL to connect their main studio computer networks out to the transmitter site for improved data-sharing, IP-based remote control of transmitters, and bit-reduced audio/video duplex connections (for example, a video security camera with audio sensor).