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Moseley Maxlink Finds Users

Moseley Maxlink Finds Users

From the Who’s Buying What page of Radio World:
Moseley said its Maxlink 5.8 GHz bidirectional data link is being used by Ralph Brancato, the chief engineer at KCLC in St. Louis.
The Maxlink there is matched with a Moseley SL9003T1, a T1 STL system, “to transport two HD-Radio AES digital stereo program channels to the transmitter site and to backhaul a stereo pair to the studio plus interconnecting the transmitter remote control.”
Elsewhere, Dave Abdoo, DOE at WKBE in Glens Falls, N.Y., uses the Maxlink with a T1 STL to transport news channels to the main studio from a remote site.
The company said the product is appropriate for short-haul data applications or for STL/TSL when used with a Moseley Starlink T1 system. It conveys two T1 or E1 channels in the 5 GHz band, with a range of 8 miles and no licensing requirement.