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Musicam Releases POTS Codec

Musicam Releases POTS Codec

Musicam USA is offering a low-cost POTS codec called the Liberty, touted as compact and portable and using an advanced encoding algorithms.
Liberty delivers 15 kHz of bidirectional audio over a normal telephone line with connection rates at or above 24 kbps. Audio end-to-end delay is under 100ms.
If line rates drop below 24 kbps, the codec will reduce high-frequency audio response to maintain audio performance. If line quality changes, the Liberty renegotiates in less than one second. It contains a jack for use with a cell phone.
Other features include dual mixing inputs, independent level controls for monitoring, programmable keys for accessing oft-used phone numbers and menu functions and a free Windows remote control program. Liberty supports bidirectional ancillary data for separate computer data transmission and remote control contact actuation and mixing levels.