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NAB to FCC: Reject LPAMs

NAB to FCC: Reject LPAMs

NAB says low-power AM is a bad idea. It wants the commision to dismiss a petition asking the agency to create such a service.
The trade group said the petition doesn’t illustrate how an LPAM service would be technically feasible; also, doing anything to compromise the AM band as stations convert to digital could create additional interference and “has the potential to delay if not cripple the digital transition by forcing receive manufacturers to reconsider product development,” states NAB in its filing.
“Only five years ago, during the LPFM proceeding, the commission specifically rejected pleas to authorize low-power service also in the AM band because the propagation characteristics of the AM band make it a ‘poor choice’ for introduction of an additional service,” NAB argues. “The petition provides no data or analysis to explain why LPAM is any more technically feasible now than it was five years ago. Nor does the petition offer any justification that LPAM is any more warranted now than it was five years ago.”
Allowing low-power stations on AM undermines the agency’s efforts to clean up and improve the AM band, argued NAB.
Five petitioners, including two of the original LPFM petitioners, have put forth proposals, which include allowing LPAMs to air commercials, exempting LPAMs from license auctions and allowing individuals to obtain a LPAM license. In contrast, LPFMs are limited to non-profit organizations.
Comments to Docket RM-11287 were due Monday.