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NAB Wants FCC to Ban XM’s Local Weather Data

NAB Wants FCC to Ban XM’s Local Weather Data

Noting XM Satellite Radio’s disclosure that intends to offer subscribers localized weather reports as a premium service, NAB is complaining to the FCC.
The broadcast association said it has not received answers from XM regarding an XM patent that would allow local programming to be delivered via terrestrial translators, nor on the satcaster’s plans to provide locally-differentiated programming or data.
“It appears XM does intend to convert its service from an exclusively national program service to one that delivers locally-differentiated content,” stated NAB in a letter to the commission. It said the agency should not allow XM to avoid disclosing its plans while the satcaster asks for permanent licenses for its terrestrial repeaters.
Without such disclosure, NAB says, the FCC should cancel the STAs for XM repeaters. Also, in the still-pending final repeater rules, the FCC should bar the use of the repeaters to “deliver programming to consumers in one market that is different from that delivered to consumers in another market,” stated NAB.