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National Geographic Creates Mobile Division

Distributing content to handsets, that’s where the action is.

“Mobile” is where it’s at these days.

Earlier this week Radio World announced its Excellence in Engineering Award winner to be Jeff Littlejohn of Clear Channel; much of his work in recent years has involved helping the company reach consumers on the move.

Two other separate announcements of note on that front:

Frost & Sullivan awarded HipCricket the 2008 Market Penetration Leadership Award. F&S stated that the company had “taken an early lead in the U.S. mobile marketing space.”

HipCricket is active in marketing to radio and TV broadcasters and this spring launched a Hispanic Mobile Marketing Network.

Separately, National Geographic Ventures announced the formation of a mobile division. For companies like National Geo, it’s all about distributing content: “With the launch of National Geographic Mobile, we are pleased to partner with leading carriers and global handset manufacturers, aggregators and developers to share our library of award-winning photos, video and new properties,” the company’s Ted Prince stated.

Prince cited “growing demand from consumers who are looking for compelling, rich media content on their cell phones.” National Geographic also will launch a WAP site in October encompassing content optimized for mobile.

National Geographic Music and Radio also are part of National Geographic Ventures, a taxable subsidiary of the nonprofit society.