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Net Radio Attracts More Listeners

Net Radio Attracts More Listeners

Twenty-two of the top 25 online stations attracted larger audiences during the week of Jan. 15 than they did the previous week, according to the MeasureCast Top 25 Internet Radio rankings for the week of Jan. 15. The number of estimated unique listeners, or “Cume persons,” for the MeasureCast Top 25, increased 7 % from the week of Jan. 7. The company defines cume persons is an estimate of the total number of unique listeners with one or more listening sessions lasting five minutes or longer during the reported time period.
Making its debut on the Top 25 list was Clear Channel’s “jamin’ oldies” KCMG(FM), “Mega 92.3,”streamed by CyberAxis. The Los Angeles broadcaster saw its total time spent listening (the total number of hours streamed by the broadcaster in the reported time period) increase 33 % during the week of Jan. 15 over the previous week. The station’s Cume increased 21 % from 1,312 to 1,588.
ABC Radio once again held the dominant position in the weekly report with 8 of the top 10 slots, including No. 1 – WABC(AM), talk radio from New York.
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