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Net Radio Use Increases Steadily

Net Radio Use Increases Steadily

Continuing a trend that began right after the holidays, Internet radio gained 13.5 percent increase in total time spent listening in the week of Feb. 26 to March 4.
MeasureCast, Inc. reports that New York-based talk radio station WABC was once again the No. 1 station in the weekly MeasureCast ranking. ABC Radio won 13 of the week’s top 25 spots.
Meanwhile, Internet-only broadcaster recorded the largest number of unique listeners for the week. MEDIAmazing is a “listener-formatted” station where each user creates their own radio station from the selection provided by the company.
Wednesday was the peak for Internet radio listening last week and the peak total audience hour was 1 p.m. EST.
And 85.5 percent of all Net radio listening occurs during business hours which correlates to many studies that find Net radio listening is primarily an at work activity.
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