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Netia Relocates to New Headquarters

Aims to benefit from greater Montpellier's digital ecosystem

French company Netia relocated to new headquarters in August.

Netia says the new location allows the firm to better welcome visitors, reach out to other French tech players in the region, and to recruit more easily. Since moving, the company, now based in the heart of Montpellier’s business district, has already hired three new full-time employees.

The area, Netia adds, is home to 7,500 researchers, 60,000 students, and 1,360 digital firms. “This opens up new and exciting joint venture prospects, with a view to both adopting best practices and building synergies, while also picking up insights from like-minded businesses as members of the French South Digital Club, in a networking spirit we all share,” said Vincent Benveniste, Radio Act SAS president.

Radio SAS purchased Netia in January.